Machete Kills Again!!

Hello readers of the world. Part VII (and the final part) of my currently running story is written and will be posted next week, so don't you all worry. This is just an opinion piece that I needed to express. It is time sensitive to current life experience and could not be delayed.

This is being
written for blogging when normally I would just log into Facebook and "Share" my enjoyable experience with family and friends. I just didn't feel comfortable doing that with this film. There are strong political opinions in this film. I have seen, and am a fan of, many films of this nature. This film, however, heavily involves a major issue that our country is currently debating. An issue with serious elements existing in an intense environment with powerful feelings and drastic measures on all sides. Immigration. It is a formidable issue with all industrialized countries all over the world. Mexican Illegal Immigration and our loose southern border with the poorer more unlawful country of Mexico is what immigration issue is more pertinent to us. I not only know how vehement my family and friends feel about this issue, all opinions on both sides are present, but I know how vehement I feel about the issue. It is so 'hot button' that I am not going to strongly advertise the post on my personal Facebook page. (I will advertise it on my Aroumba Toumba Facebook page, however). This is for those that just happen to come across it (or the few that have subscribed to the blog.) Most will have to scroll down to read it, and in that way I fell freer to express a complicated feeling about an intense political subject. All of which is present in a film that I thoroughly enjoyed in all its extreme melodrama by an American Filmmaker that I am a big, big fan of.

Machete, a Robert Rodriguez Film, is a fucking kick ass movie. It's extremely graphically violent in a comedic, comic book, and George A. Romero way that is thoroughly enjoyable to me. Campy beyond camp, to a ridiculous level. If that kind of crazy shit is to your liking then go fucking see it. But pause a second here, because it is equally mixed with Robert Rodriguez's viewpoints on Illegal Immigration in the USA and you might not agree with them. I didn't agree with all of them. Guess what? They are pro Mexican, and "oh my god", pro Illegal Immigration. Right now hard-core, law abiding, Real Americans' heads are exploding.

That's the part I don't agree with, that Illegal Immigration is to be made "OK", or that we, as Americans, should accept it as an imperfect part of our country's Capitalistic, law driven, functioning motor, like our fatuous incarceration per capita rate. Illegal Immigration exploits people, families. It breaks down the important protective laws of our country by giving power to drug lords and gangs that can rule whole neighborhoods in cities and towns without fear of being exposed by families fearful of deportation. It puts financial strain on government programs for our poor CITIZENS when it funds those that don't pay taxes and are not CITIZENS. It overpopulates sections of this industrialized nation that has begun to control its own population through education, science, over all progress and growing financial requirements. Mexico is still an 'old world' country in many, many aspects, but one glaring aspect to me is that 'old world' idea that one must have many children to assure that one will be taken care of in old age. I won't even discuss the implications that the Catholic Church brings to all this.

So I don't agree with Robert Rodriguez, but he is an American and I believe in freedom of speech and opinion and I love his movies. To be fair, Robert does offer a solution within the storyline. Creating stricter, more fascist laws is not the solution (I agree with this absolutely, although I don't understand why the current Immigration laws can't be implemented and enforced). Instead he suggests a lawful system that exists outside of the law, implemented, enforced, and orchestrated by those involved; Illegal Immigrants and their Legal friends. I do love these kinds of ideas. Where so much of this country's problems exist because our laws trip over each other and inhibit progress, an underground or outlaw system is needed to solve the problem. That is a method practiced and carried out time and time again throughout the history of our country. An integral and active solution woven into the American fabric.

By the way, I can't wait to see this film again!


The Instance Is Relevant (The Transmogrification Continuous) Part VI


“Officer Alan,” they speak in a unified, high-toned, vocal melody. “You are no longer required. Have the boys sit to either side of us and then depart until called upon.”

“Yes, my Ladies.” He motions for the boys to do as instructed, and they each sit at differing ends of the booth. The table is covered in a red silk cloth and is barren except for a crystal wine vase and twin jeweled goblets filled with a robust Tempranillo wine. The Ladies sip from these and patiently await Alan’s departure. Once he has gone, they each quickly turn their attention upon a separate boy, but continue to speak in unison.

“Which of you witnessed these strange creatures?”

Lendal nods his head, too terrified to speak just yet. This must be a dream; surely none of this could be real.

“Did you communicate with them in any way?” The question is pointed and assured that he had. Lendal understands now that there is no covering this up in any way.

He sighs heavily. “I looked into one of the creature’s eyes and it hypnotized me and took me on some sort of journey.”

“Fascinating. What did it show you?”

“A barren planet, far away, in which its inhabitants live beneath its surface on differing layers with sustainable ecosystems. However, its core is expanding, causing earthquakes upon the surface; eventually it will expand to destroy the planet completely.”

The Ladies look upon each other, nod to some unheard agreement, and say, “You two will now rise.” The boys do so immediately. They also rise and motion for them to exit the surroundings of the table. “You will now follow us.”

They lead the boys through the darkness of the room to a large door, much like the front door. It opens to reveal an immense and elaborate staircase that flows downward, softly lit by large candles set at strategic positions. As they follow the Ladies down the stairs, they are both suddenly aware of a presence following behind them. They peer back to find the hulking, intimidating form of Ottymer a few steps up. They had not even bothered to conceive of escaping, and now were ultimately aware that they can not.

They travel down the stairs for what can only be stories until they arrive at another door, which opens before the Ladies and they are led through a couple archways into a vast concrete hall filled with laboratory instruments, computers, and whirring machines where men and women labor at various experiments. Cages with animals and creatures can be viewed at different locations within the hall. Most never before seen or heard of by the boys, some humanoid in appearance. The boys are lead to a corner of the hall where a couple gray haired gentlemen wearing black, thick framed glasses are punching information into computers. Strange molecular structures and alien landscapes are visible upon the many large screens that surround them. Upon seeing the Two Ladies approach, they stop what they are doing and bow before them.

“You heard the boy’s explanation?”

“We did. We examined all known data logged in our memory banks and we think we know where this planet is located. We are convinced that it does not lie in the outer space surrounding the Earth, but within the inner space of the multi-dimensional aspect of our world,” answers one of the men. They are fairly similar in appearance and age, except one has gray stubble upon his face, where as the other is cleanly shaved. It is the stubble faced man that is doing the talking. “Lendal, right?” He looks right at him with tense examining eyes.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Come here, I want you to look at something.” Lendal is escorted before a large screen, the Two Ladies follow. The lab tech punches in a few codes and the screen flashes through wispy structures of colored energy forms and then through formations of solid matter resembling nebulae, stars and galaxies, except in irregular odd shape and form. Eventually it zeros in on a barren planetary-like structure like the one the creature had shown him. It is not spherical, but made up of many jagged angles, jutting out and in upon themselves to assemble the desolate mass.

“Is that it?”

“It is very similar, although it never showed me the whole outer mass. It just quickly took me through what I thought was deep space right to the surface.”

“Yes, outer space and inner dimensions can look very similar to the untrained eye, but they have very different physical laws. This form does have inner layered ecosystems teeming with strange life-forms, and a very unstable core ready to expand to catastrophic dimensions. This will not only destroy the mass itself but take out a large portion of its surrounding system. In fact we believe that the creatures that visited you earlier this evening are not from this particular mass form, but from this one.”

He punches in some codes and the viewpoint expands to show a nearby spherical, rotating mass that appears to have been intelligently designed out of some foreign building substances, with obvious functioning form and polish. Travel ways, lights, engines, reactors, buildings, spires, and yes, very obviously so, weapons. The tech punches in some more codes and the hideous creatures are once again staring at Lendal through the screen with those unearthly eyes. He and Tanner jump back, startled.

“Is that them Lendal?” asks Tanner. Lendal nods. “Holy shit, I can’t believe you held it together with those things outside our door.”

The tech resumes his explanation. “We are not sure what they think we have here that will help them, or more importantly why they don’t move their designed planet safely away from the unstable mass. It could be they wish to move it into our solar system. If that is true we want to know how they could find that possible. Regardless, Two Ladies, this is a disturbing contact. We can only hope that they are not hostile.”

“What about what woke me up, the moving earth?” wonders Tanner aloud.

“We believe they are searching for something. We found a number of other similar holes around the township area. We believe we know what it is they are searching for, but that is classified information at the moment. They did head in the direction of Meldoone Manor upon leaving the boys’ home.”

“This is most alarming,” say the Ladies. “The energy is fluctuating negatively toward our existence. It cannot be denied. This occurrence is something to be feared. We must do all in our power to attempt peaceful communication, urgently.”

“Yes, my Ladies. We will open all forms of communication immediately.” The tech turns to his partner. “Harlow, please inform all techs of this priority.”

“Excuse me,” Lendal finally found the nerve to speak up. “What the hell is going on in the town tonight? I would think that unchecked rioting would be more of an immediate threat then the possibility of what these creatures may or may not be up to.”

The Ladies turn toward Lendal, and he feels the full weight of their attention upon him “This is the beginning of the transference. All the Earth’s global power and governmental control is being transferred to us, here. It is being done through managed mental manipulation from sections of populace to sections of populace; chaotic uprising is being used to mask the power shift. This inhibits local, national, and international forces of authority from reacting to the source in time to stop it. It is being witnessed the way you witnessed it, as a form of violent mass insanity affecting all humanity, slowly and deliberately. It is time for full knowledge of our existence and the true nature of Earth’s reality to be shared with all that survive.”

Lendal appeared flabbergasted, “How is that possible?”

“It is merely time. Humanity has existed in the darkness of ignorance and confusion for the necessary duration. This is truly your New Age, and we are here to see it through. It was concluded that if left on your own to evolve to this crescendo of the living experience, the Human race would have become stuck in an unending cycle of growth and destruction, unable to ever rise above your deep fear of the unknown and untested. To deconstruct your lifestyles of comfort and ease without violently destructive reactions is merely too much to ask your kind.”

“But people are being hurt and are dying out there.”

“Experience is sometimes painful; death is a doorway to the next experience. You will soon know this, and still cherish life as you do now from fearing and misunderstanding it, even more so. Not all of humanity will accept this alteration in lifestyle and they will fight and try to hinder its revolution at every step. This New Age is not for them right now, and they must move on to next thing. We will keep no prisoners and we subjugate no people in order to proceed, all those against us must die. With the way that life is viewed, currently, by your society this may seem cruel and unjust, but you will come to understand that it is neither.”

Tanner is wide eyed, his scientific brain churning with question and theory, “Are you human?”

“Humans are our children, but we are an ancient race of few number, but immense in knowledge and power. We have always been here, at one time in greater number, but time and experience have decreased our size. Over the eons we have contacted and guided you through desolation and prosperity alike. Now it is time for you to know us and to know the extent of reality that we have always been aware of. Moreover, as you have learned tonight, the growing danger that awaits you in this New Age.”

“This is quite the coincidence, these possibly world conquering beings visiting us on the night of the transformation.”

“As you suspect, Lendal, it is no coincidence, they know what is to transpire on Earth and they are here to take full advantage of it. They will attempt to take ascendancy in these anarchic times, profiting off the dwindling of human numbers to wrest control of the planet from us. It was not unbeknownst to us that some powerful race would attempt this; we believe that we are well prepared."